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Five Reasons to Love The Devil's Whore

[05] The Cinematography

I don't think I can really do this mini-series justice by trying to put into words how
beautiful it really is. You'll just have to trust me on this - it's the prettiest thing
you'll have seen in a very long time.

[04] Michael Fassbender as Thomas Rainsborough

[03] Andrea Riseborough as Angelica Fanshawe

Too modern for her 17th century world, Angelica fits right in with the likes of Honest
John Lilburne and Sexby. During her first marriage, she tries to be the dutiful wife, but
her husband never seems to be satisified with her.

Andrea Riseborough is a brilliant actress and I loved her as Angelica. I think if anyone
else had played her, she wouldn't be half as sympathetic.

[02] John Simm as edward Sexby

John Simm has to be one of the best actors to come around in a long while and, as Sexby,
he's amazing. There are so many levels to him and John Simm makes every single one
believable (because how many times have you seen an actor who can pull off tragic but
falls flat when it comes to anything else?).

[01] Sexby and Angelica

If you've seen this series, you know exactly why this is Number One. If you haven't, why
on earth haven't you bought the DVDs yet? You really can't get an idea of exactly how epic
Sexby and Angelica are until you've seen it.

Still not convinced? Give Channel 4's 'The Devil's Whore' playlist a look.


I had to buy a Region-Free DVD player a couple of years ago for just that reason - so many of my favourite shows are never released here in the US and, when they are, they cut them to bits. Thank goodness for the internet!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!
Beautiful picspam for a beautiful series :)
I definitely agree- Sexby and Angelica are awesome together! I have to go rewatch this now.
haven't got a peek, but the picspam is awesome and made me wanna watch it like NOW )
Yess. This miniseries is so amazing. Lovely picspam (:
I thought of you when I saw this!

Hey, have you seen Little Dorrit? I saw that it was on Masterpiece Theatre the other night, but of course we had other plans...looks good!
Haha! ♥

Oh yes, I love Little Dorrit. It has a great cast. If you get a chance, see it!
Loved this series. Initially, I only watched it for Fassbender but I ended up totally loving it.
I did not expect to love it as much as I did when I watched it 'cos I odn't relaly have any interest in that time period but omggosh! It was so good.
It was the first thing I saw Andrea Riseborough in and I fell in love, she is totally amazing and this was prefect for her :)
I've never heard of this mini-series but your picspam makes me want to check it out. Looove the crystal clear pictures!
Absolutely agreed. I watched for Andrea (still kills me that she's not in Being Human) and ended up loving everything else. The cinematography is simply stunning.
Oh, this is gorgeous. TDW does not get nearly enough love.
Oooh you were faster then me! Haha, I planned to make a picspam too (now that it's nominated for a BAFTA). God, I love the series. Love, love, love, love. And now that I've got it on DVD I can watch the pretty over and over again.
There's just one thing that bugs me a little. It's a bit of a shame that the DVDs came without any extras on them (never mind those few trailers on disc one).
I keep meaning to watch this miniseries; and this beautiful picspam makes me want to watch it now.
Lovely ♥
Oh wow, what a gorgeous picspam! I heard of this around, but I hadn't seen pretty like this before and I have to say that I'm definetly curious about this now. It looks really good and it looks like something I might enjoy. So definetly gonna give it a try when I can; thanks for the picspam :D

And, ::cough:: you should totally post this @ devilswh0re.

I haven't gotten around to buying the DVD yet, but I'm *quite* annoyed that there aren't any extras. Boo... :-(
This was beautiful. Thanks so much!! <3
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